Live In Power

by Brain Slug

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Give in to violence eternal Again and again and again Teeth rip flesh; life is defiled Under The guise of a civilized trial Arrogant animals yearn to be immortal Their only reward is a return to the circle From the womb to the tomb All that we do Is covet each other and live to consume You’re not free; you’re just meat A link on this feeding chain This internal conflict Externalized as a war On parade as a savior Just another whore Lust distorts reality and these demons continue to feed A pox on the lot who can’t figure out how live without need You’re not free; you’re just meat A link on this feeding chain Knowledge is the power to see through these lies Without that; life is only death in disguise Where you can pray to your ego or bow to your fear But there’s still nothing sacred here Bound to your fear
Unwed mother kills her unborn son Her life undone by a rape Undocumented’s house burns to the ground An all too common fate Year of the rat in a trap pigs will have their say Young man wandering the streets at night His loneliness finds a cure Hand over mouth; the gasoline stench seeps from every pore Year of the rat in a trap pigs will have their say But If it was up to me You'd all be hung For the suffering you never see
I won’t be a slave to the basest of my instincts No pawn in sex-power charades We’re more than just a pretty face Fuck their judgment Fuck their lies And how? How will you live? When her novelty has lost your interest When time after time after time You reduce her to your desire’s designs? Fuck your judgment Fuck your lies Bodies are just prisons For our hearts, for our minds Weapons and walls In our merciless little lives I’ll never learn Fuck this world
No one here is getting out alive And all you’ll take to your grave is your pride It’s dog eat dog and someone’s gotta bleed Get up and fight for your sawed off dreams Never back down Never give in Right or wrong; it’s all in their heads So bite off the hand you’re being fed If you wanna be free, there’s only one rule Gotta live in power or you’ll die like a fool Never let them judge you or be the butt of their joke Cuz we’re all the same at the end of a rope Live in fucking power And never relent
Survival; you’re only choice There’s no escape; you must destroy Ripping, tearing... Life is nothing but a... Kicking, screaming... Fight to survive! Fear is the mind killer making you choke Cut all your losses; go for the throat Behind the bars of what they want you to be A prisoner of anxiety What is the value of life on your knees? Pressed to perform Pressured to please Fuck all that noise; break free!
I was born to bare my teeth against this world of lies Not to follow or be redeemed by any of their kind Death... is... Glimpsing the sun has only ever blinded me with doom So I’ll stare into the abyss; darkness hides the truth Death... is... my... My hand is forced by a natural law Everything breathing must one day fall For dwelling too long in the realms of man In denial of inevitable ends Change and decay are the only mandate I only respect what’s permanent Death is my master, the voice in my head I only respect what’s permanent Death... is... my... master
After my heart, after my flesh After bad blood there’s nothing left But Hunger pains dirty names And polluted veins Eating me... eating me... eating me alive
It's chilled me down to the bone This void is my only home Skin like a vice grips my bruise Building a wall around you All my life - I've never had no one All my life - I'll never need no one Fear's leash compels wretched hordes With such an empty reward; A saccharine kiss between the bars Or the cold comfort of iron arms Isolation, separation has been My salvation Unbending determination Strengthened by my detestation I’ll proudly wear my own shackles Before theirs Don't place your faith in their bones Don't place your faith in their souls You've got the strength in your own You'll find the strength on your own
Sometimes it feels so futile Swimming against the tide Sometimes I can’t stand living Caught in your web of lies Last... man... on... earth There are no slogans left to stand for There are no heroes left to hoist I’m screaming to hear some rejoinder Not the echoes of my own voice Last... man... on... earth It’s a bright future I’m fighting for Not the blind dead Outside my door
Ain’t no one that ever loved a bastard like me I’m the son of one mistake and animosity Salt of the earth and I know my place Spittin’ deadly venom in your spurious face That’s right I got a furious life... Cycle as vicious as a circular saw Pumping blood of older gods from my core to my claws An open hearted animal; in battle I’m blessed Martyrs die well, but a soldier dies best It’s my rite I gotta put up a fight Born from a violent end; live like a leviathan Be the change I wish to see within the hell I dwell in Where there’s no solace in the arms of someone else Cuz the only peace I’ll find is the one within myself One within myself Fuck being loved; I’ll take hate and respect Cuz it’s all I ever had and it’s all I’ve ever get
Violent city in a violent world Where no one gets what they deserve You take an inch and they dock you a mile All the while with a nylon smile Mortar and brick, mortar and brick This fucking city is making me sick Mortar and brick, mortar and brick Civilization is making me sick Build another idol To the madness within man Over-thinking apes Victims of their own scam
Waiting on your deathbed Thoughts of agony rotting your head No time left to pretend Crowns can save you from the end Checkmate; twisting the genes of the lambs Checkmate; scorching this bountiful land Rotting away, rotting away... Time that you paid for the cancer you laid A wannabe king, dies like a pawn For pissing in the life stream for far too long Check Mate Sealed Fate
Concrete hell, hatred swells Cities breathe with barren cells They won't pay, so we pray are Molotovs the only way? Crooked... blue... lines... Trouble... in... mind... No more lies / more lost lives Covered up, beaten down They sing these hymns in every town Marginalized, militarized This cycle devalues lives Sirens wail, systems fail No justice, just black mail For the poor and minorities Hopes erode between kerosene dreams It's winter in America We're still the world's anathema For what the badge would do Abuse from me to you
Every man of woman born is born into a cell From the cradle to the grave you’re parallel to hell But the pains of the physical in prisons of time Are never any match for the steel trap mind Screaming for change, not the soul-death of fame I couldn’t give a rotten fuck if you remember my name Cuz a big sack of meat full of want is a curse What does it matter when you’re dead in the dirt? In the dirt... what's it worth? So I search... for a way to be free My life, my way; for me One life, one love; not me Life is illusion; death is a dream I’ll never sleep ‘til the ages erase me It’s a fixed race, but still I remain Self-lord and master; one vein in the frame
The sick still suffer The dead are still cold They can never stomp out what’s written in stone Always an eye on who’s tying the noose Some day soon it’ll be me and you Time has come - none will survive What’s real power when we all die? Push comes to shove Gotta save what you love Time can never wash out what’s written in blood From the streets of Caracas to the shores of Kiev Fuck the rest to a horrid death Time has come - none will survive What’s real power when we all die? We all die Every stone’s ripple comes back as a wave Echoing actions beyond the grave Time has come - carry the weight None will survive - write your fate Because the final judgement Takes place every day


New York's sleeping giants, Brain Slug, return with their long-awaited full length record, "Live In Power". Eschewing all trends, this record draws inspiration from every corner and every era of hardcore in the greatest city in the world. From A7 to ABC No Rio, CBGB's to Coney Island High, this is no-frills hardcore punk for purists who need substance over style without sacrificing the abrasion. Think Citizen's Arrest trying to rewrite Set It Off. Live In Power or die like a fool...

LP available soon from Just A Audial, distributed by Material World/Katorga Works in the US and Hardware Records in Europe.

West Coast tour in the works:


released October 3, 2016

Recorded Summer 2015 in the Gravel Pit, mixed Fall ‘15/Winter ’16 by Darren Nanos. Mastered by Don Fury.


all rights reserved



Brain Slug New York, New York


Live In Power LP out now.

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